Sat, December 16th, 2017

Field Trip Request (click here)

Field Trips Field trips should reflect educational experiences aligned to relevant curriculum. All field trips should be discussed with the building principal before submission of the online Field Trip Request. In addition, parental permission must be obtained before students travel.

1. Using Safari as the browser and accessed from a computer in the district's network, click on the Field Trip link in the lower left column of the district's homepage

2. Your email user name in lower case letters is your User ID (usually first initial and last name). No password is required.

3. Complete all required fields and submit the form at least 15 days prior to your desired travel date.

4. Consult the school's bookkeeper regarding bus driver fees and fuel expense calculations.

5. Verify bus reservations (if applicable) with the Transportation Department (731) 635-7872 three (3) days prior to scheduled trip.

6. All field trips require permission forms with parental signatures. There are three sections of the permission form: a. Section A - Field Trip Permission Form is completed for ALL field trips. b. Section B - Teacher Permission Form is applicable to middle/junior and high school students. See form for qualifying criteria. c. Section C - Medical Treatment Permission & Parental Release Form must be completed for any trip that involves overnight travel.

7. There must be two (2) copies of the permission forms. One copy will be with the supervising teacher(s) on the field trip and the other copy will remain with the building principal.