Sat, December 16th, 2017

Dr. Roy Harkness, Chairman

Elected November 2010 

District 6

Bob Ennis, Vice Chair
Elected August 2014
District 5 

Wade Hendren
Elected August 2016
District 2

Linda Jennings
Elected August 2014
District 3 

Austin Thompson, Jr.
Appointed April 2005
District 4 

Melinda Hutcherson
Elected August 2008
District 7

Rob Harris
Elected August 2008
District 8 

The Lauderdale County Department of Education eight-member board is elected by popular vote, with each board member representing an election district and serving staggered four-year terms. The school board chairman is elected by the board members.

School board meetings are held in the Ripley Elementary School Board/Training Room/ Dates and times vary, but are published in the newspapers and on WTRB Radio.