Welcome to Project L.E.A.D.

Since 2002, when the Lauderdale County School System received its first 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant, the realization of a formal early morning and after-school program that truly enhanced the school day became a reality for the two school sites of Halls Junior High and Ripley Elementary School.  From that point,  we were successful in adding a second 21st CCLC grant for the development of a like After-School program at Ripley Middle School, followed by the procurement of a 3rd grant funded by the Tennessee State Legislature.  This additional state funded grant, LEAPs (Lottery for Education: After-school Programs), funded both early morning and after-school programs at Ripley Primary School and Halls Elementary School from the unclaimed state lottery prize funds. Collectively, we refer to these early morning and after-school programs as Project L.E.A.D. (Let Each Achieve Daily); being not just an "extension" of the school day, but rather an "enhancement" of the day.

To provide even greater strength to Project L.E.A.D., partnerships with approximately fifteen community businesses, service organizations, and faith-based organizations have allowed our after-school services to be extended throughout Lauderdale County.  It is the belief of this project that closing the achievement gap can be accomplished only by closing the engagement gap between community partners, where our children benefit from high levels of citizen involvement.

We see our After-School programs as essential parts of the School Improvement Plan for Lauderdale County.  As these programs are added to our existing school programs, we believe that the results will be even greater than the sum of the many parts.